About MobileNode

The MobileNode is a GSM/GPRS and GPS/GLONASS 7cm circular board with a fully Arduino compatible MCU.

MobileNode aims to be a mobile IoT device. Its GPS/GLONASS module makes possible to track the device. Its GSM/GPRS module makes possible to send/receive data.

You can attach sensors such as: air quality (CO, CO2, O2, etc), temperature, humidity, fire, motion, etc. Also you can attach external devices such as lighting devices, servo motors and other electronic circuits.

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Small circular shape (7cm)
The MobileNode PCB is designed to be as small as possible, following all the recomendations given by the parts manufacturers.
Mounting holes
There are 4 holes for M1.2 or M1.4 screws. So it is possible to put the MobileNode inside a box or case.
UART jumpers
The UART ports of the GPS and GSM/GPRS modules can be connected externally, in order to debug. If the 4 jumpers are removed, the UART ports can be attached to an external device.
UV sensor VEML6070
MobileNode includes an UV A Light Sensor with I2C Interface.
NanoSIM card
The nanoSIM socket is small.
TVS diodes
Since the MobileNode PCB is exposed to touch with hand, there are several TVS diodes, which protects sensitive parts such as the modules.
GSM/GPRS module
The M66 is a very small quad-band GMS/GPRS module which is able to handle TCP/ UDP/ PPP/ FTP/ HTTP/ SMTP/ CMUX/ SSL protocols.
Bluetooth 3.0
The M66 also includes Bluetooth connectivity, specifically the SPP and OPP protocols. *May require M66 firmware upgrade.
GPS Module
The L86 has a multi-GNSS engine for GPS, GLONASS, and QZSS. The cold start is <15s.
On board antennas
There is no need of attach external antennas to MobileNode, all of them are included in the board itself.
External GPS antenna
It is possible to connect an external antenna to the GPS module, since some aplications have to use the MobileNode indoor.
Many code examples
The main example sketch allows you to send data to your free cloud account.
eCompass BMC150
Three-axis magnetic field sensor and 12bit three-axis accelerometer.
Battery charger
1 cell Li-Po battery charger included. M66 module is able to measure voltage and remaining charge of the Li-Po cell.

Free cloud account

Every MobileNode comes with an attached tag, which contains two keys: public and private keys. You can push data to the cloud by using your private key and you can access such data by using the public key.

The GPS coordinates and real time data are shown in a Google Map including the device orientation data given by the geomagnetic sensor.

The limits are 400MB storage and 180 pushes in a 15 minute window.

You will get a free account for 1 month from first data push, then you can pay $1.00 USD per month.

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