TrackingCape for Beagle Bone

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Add tracking capabilities to your Beagle Bone with this cape. You'll be able to localize your Beagle Bone where you have GPRS reception.

Its main components are the M95 and L20 Quectel modules.

Also, You can use this cape for making/answering calls and send/receive SMS.

You can get this cape for USD85 + shipping costs. Get discount on volume purchases. This is a retired product, but you can pre-order it if you can wait the lead time.

Lead time: 30 days.
1+0%US$ 85
5+2%US$ 83.30
10+5%US$ 80.75
25+7%US$ 79.05
50+10%US$ 76.50
100+15%US$ 72.25

Only pre-orders.