Type File Description Download
PDF MobileNode Rev. B Manual In progress...
PDF MobileNode Rev. B Schematic Board schematic Download
ZIP MobileNode Rev. B Drawings Board top and bottom drawings Download
PDF Quectel M66 Hardware Design GSM/GPRS Module Download
PDF Quectel M66 AT Commands GSM/GPRS Module Download
PDF Quectel L86 Hardware Design GPS Module Download
PDF Quectel L86 GNSS Protocol Specification GPS Module Download
PDF Bosch BMC150 Datasheet 6-axis eCompass Download
PDF Vishay VEML6070 Datasheet UV A Light Sensor Download

Arduino example sketches

Type File Description Download
INO MobileNode GPS In progress...
INO MobileNode Data Push Push data to our cloud Download
ZIP TinyGPS library Needed for above sketches Download
INO MobileNode SMS In progress...
INO MobileNode Serial Modules serial communication Download
INO MobileNode UV A Sensor Reads UVA light sensor data Download
INO MobileNode Pulse LED Pulse the user LED Download
INO MobileNode Accelerometer Accelerometer test Download
INO MobileNode Magnetometer Magnetometer test Download